K-12 Special Education Master Programs


The Master’s in K-12 Special Education is designed for individuals seeking K-12 teacher licensure with endorsement in special education as well as current special educators seeking further training in the field of special education. The focus of the K-12 special education master’s degree program includes teaching students the possible characteristics of students with disabilities, legal and ethical aspects associated with students with disabilities, collaboration and consultation, behavior management, social skills training, language acquisition, instructional methods and assessment.

Degree Description

The Master’s in K-12 Special Education degree prepares current and prospective teachers how to work with students who have mild disabilities. The curriculum focuses on subjects including math and motor skills development, speech methods, stuttering, Braille, curriculum development for children with special needs and linguistics. Courses teach students how to tailor and design their lessons and learning plans to appropriate educational requirements and abilities in order to meet each special education student’s needs.

General Requirements

There are multiple requirements for current and prospective special education teachers. These requirements vary from state to state. Most individuals who become special education teachers earn an undergraduate degree, complete an approved training program in special education, and then become certified. All teachers, whether leading a special education classroom or a general education classroom, must be certified in every state in the United States.

Online K-12 Special Education Master Programs

  • Walden University: MS in Education – Special Education (Non-Licensure, Grades K-12)
  • Western Governors University: MS in Special Education (K-12)

Top Online Masters in Special Education Degrees