7 Must-Read Books About Special Education

Published by Madison on Fri January 15, 2010

Special education focuses on teaching students with special needs who require a certain type of attention and education. These students differ in that information is processed differently, and their education requires individually-planned and systematically-monitored teaching procedures, processes, materials, settings, as well as other necessary interventions in order for them to be successful in the classroom. This list offers seven essential books on special education which focus on the implementation of various teaching methods, as well as how parents can collaborate with educators to further their children’s progress.

  1. A Parent’s Guide to Special Education: This book is very helpful for parents of children who are in need of special education. A Parent’s Guide to Special Education helps parents of kids with special needs overcome many obstacles throughout their education. This encyclopedic volume is written by a pair of psychologists from Florida who maintain in this book that it is not enough to ask questions, but it is important to ask the right questions.
  2. A Sociology of Special Education: This book is aimed toward broadening the debate about special education by introducing sociological perspectives. The book poses questions about social structures and societal relationships that are occurring in mass education systems, where society views these children as ‘special’ rather than normal.
  3. Special Education Law: This book was published to be used by graduate students in education law courses, as well as for others who are interested in psychology, sociology, social work and anthropology.
  4. Research and Evaluation Methods in Special Education: This book is aimed at allowing educators to design, conduct and report research and evaluations in a way that transforms special education. The text of the book provides knowledge and education on issues such as planning research and evaluation, as well as using data in a variety of settings to make decisions. This book is helpful for students suffering from various special needs, such as blindness, mental retardation, deafness, learning disabilities, and more.
  5. The Special Education Treatment Planner: This book is very helpful for professionals working in a school setting and providing help to students with special needs. It involves all categories for special education in federal mandate as well as other conditions that are well-recognized among children and adolescents.
  6. Effective Instruction for Students with Special Needs: A Practical Guide For Every Teacher: This book has all the necessary tips and tools for high-quality instructions for students with certain disabilities. In the book, effective instruction key components are provided, such as presenting content, monitoring student learning, and adjusting the instruction.
  7. Special Education Children with Learning Problems: The text in this book is provided and designed for administrators and special education teachers in order to establish a special education program. The book touches on areas such as educational programs, responsibility of the schools for problem children, nature of special education and handicaps, decision making, problems in special education, and behavioral control.

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