27 Indispensable BlackBerry Apps Every Teacher Needs

Published by Madison on Thu April 7, 2011

One of the great things about technology is the way it can be used to enhance education. Even teachers can use technology in the classroom to improve the educational experience. Educational technology is about more than computers in the classroom and smart boards. Indeed, it is possible to use mobile smart phones to help enhance your teaching.

Whether you are using your BlackBerry for reference, or whether you are using one of the applications that can help you organize your life and your lesson plans, you might find that a smart phone can make your job as a teacher a little easier. Here are 27 great BlackBerry apps that teachers can use:

Planning and Organizing Applications

Stay on top of things with these BlackBerry apps. You can plan your schedule, keep track of important dates, and even make lesson plans. These are great organizers.

  1. Teacher Pro for BlackBerry: This is perfect for teachers who want to track all sorts of information. Keep track of classes, and manage student lists and grades. A great organizational tool. Cost: $5.99
  2. Notes Today for BlackBerry: Take notes, make reminders, and keep track of to-dos. You can manage by date, and you can also view notes. Great for jotting down teaching ideas and keeping track of lesson plans. Cost: $5.99
  3. Behavior Tracker Pro: Use this BlackBerry app to keep track of student behavior and progress. A great way to track students and keep up with their behavioral needs. Cost: $29.99
  4. Agendus: You can integrate notes, calendar and more with this great BlackBerry application. Create lesson schedules, and keep track of meetings with students. Keep track of parent contact info for each student. Cost: $19.99
  5. e-Mobile Planner: You can get your life organized with the help of this great application. Keep your assignments, appointments and other items planned and organized. Cost: $19.99
  6. Project Planner: It’s not exactly for teachers, but it is a great app for organization. Use it to create milestones. You can also use it for class milestones. Create class projects with this app. A good way to be organized. Cost: $3.99
  7. Planners Combo: This is about organizing your ideas. This is a great way to keep track of notes. Perfect for organizing your thoughts. You can use this idea app to keep up with your lesson plans, and send ideas to others, including your principal and fellow teachers. Cost: $6.99
  8. Onyx Organizer: You can customize fonts and icons when you use this organizer. It’s a great tool for organizing your classes, your home life and your appointments. Cost: $1.99
  9. Blackboard Mobile Learn: If you are a college teacher, and your campus has Blackboard, you can access it with the help of this BlackBerry app. A great addition to your arsenal. Cost: Free

Educational Applications and Teaching Tools

These applications can help the kids in your class learn. These educational BlackBerry apps might even be able to give you some good ideas for teaching your students.

  1. Scientific American Geography Knowledge Cards: Great tools for preparing a geography lesson. These knowledge cards offer plenty of information and more. Cost: $4.99
  2. MoonAlmanac: Use this BlackBerry app to prepare lessons related to the moon. You can easily navigate to figure out where the moon will be, and what phase it will show. A great educational tool. Cost: $2.99
  3. Bookworm: Awesome word challenge to help you teach children. You can use at as a learning game for kids, or you can use it to formulate ideas for a literacy lesson plan. Cost: $6.99
  4. Science Trivia: Get an expansion pack with 300 science questions. Great for putting together lesson plans. Cost: $0.99
  5. Scientific American The Human Body Knowledge Cards: Great for preparing lessons on anatomy. Cost: $4.99
  6. Learn to Read: A simple app for elementary school teachers who want to help their kids learn how to read. Cost: $0.99
  7. Astronomy Encyclopedia: Information about astronomy. Great for teachers. You can find interesting information for your students. Cost: $5.99
  8. gFlashPro Flashcards: Use these flashcards to quiz students. It’s a great way to help your students learn. Customize according to the needs of your classes. Cost: $4.99

Reference Applications

If you need to look something up, or perform calculations, these applications might be for you. Use these reference apps to find out what you need to know, and keep the information you need right at your fingertips.

  1. Dictionary and Thesaurus: This great reference tool can keep you on top of things. A perfect reference for spelling, definitions, synonyms (and antonyms), and more. Everything you need for basic word smithing. Cost: Free
  2. Pocket 10C SE Scientific Calculator: Use this calculator in science and math lessons. A great reference tool that ensures that you have all the calculations you need at your finger tips. Cost: $6.99
  3. gCalcPro Graphing Calculator: You can get access to graphing functions. Very useful as you prepare lessons, or if you want to double check calculations. Perfect for secondary school teachers. Cost: $6.99
  4. gRefPro Reference Guides: This is cool. You can create your own reference guide. As a teacher, you can customize your own reference, depending on what you need. Perfect for keeping track of materials covered in class, and for use for tests and quizzes. Cost: $3.99
  5. Periodic Table: If you are teaching science, especially chemistry, this can be a very useful reference tool. Perfect for teachers who want the information found in the periodic table right at their fingers. Includes information on each element, and plenty of helpful features, including the ability to add your own notes. Cost: $0.99
  6. Britannica Concise Encyclopedia: You can make use of one of the most trusted names in reference when you get a Britannica encyclopedia for your BlackBerry. Cost: $19.99
  7. Wikipedia Offline Reader (Plus Edition): This is a great reference that you can use even when you are not online. Perfect for teachers who might not always have access to the Internet while teaching. Look up various subjects. Be careful, though, Wikipedia isn’t authoritative. But the references at the end are great places to start. Cost: $14.99
  8. ABCs of Science (ebook): Great titles for science. You can get some good references regarding science, and ideas for assignments for the class. Cost: $0.99
  9. Grammar Reference: Helpful reference related to grammar. Great for checking items as a teacher, and for ideas on teaching lessons. Cost: $0.99
  10. Scientific Method App: Reference different formulas for science and math. Physics, algebra, computer science, and more. Cost: $0.99

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